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10/5/2023 - ArrayRx Discount Card - FREE for all CT Residents



As of October 2, 2023, Connecticut residents can sign up for a state-sponsored drug discount card known as ArrayRx. Connecticut residents can save up to 80% on generic drugs and 20% on brand name drugs using the discount card at one of thousands of participating pharmacies in the state.

The card is free for residents, and the only information required to sign up is their name, email address, address, and date of birth. Residents can sign up and start saving by visiting: ArrayRx Card


Enacted following the 2023 Legislative Session, Public Act 23-171 authorized the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) to establish a Drug Discount Card Program to be made available to all residents of the state. OSC chose to partner with ArrayRx, formerly known as the Northwest Prescription Drug Consortium, to provide this service. ArrayRx is a trusted organization made up of healthcare professionals who share the same goal: provide relief from the rising costs of prescription drugs.


Q: How do I sign up and how long does it take? A: It takes only a minute to enroll! You can enroll at ArrayRx Card

Q: After I enroll, when can I start using my digital ArrayRx discount card? A: Once you receive your digital ArrayRx card via email, you can begin to use it immediately. The digital card can be saved to Apple or Google wallet, saved to photos, can be screenshot, or printed out.

Q: How is this different from other drug discount cards? A: This card is state-sponsored, completely free for residents with no hidden fees, fair to pharmacies, and does not sell or share any personal information.

Q: How does this work with insurance or Medicare/Medicaid? A: The card can be used in place of insurance, but not combined with, if the prescription is not covered or if ArrayRx gets you a better price. Purchases made with ArrayRx will not count towards a deductible or out-ofpocket maximum.

Q: Can I use the ArrayRx Discount Card at my current pharmacy? A: The card can be used at 98% of pharmacies in Connecticut and at over 64,000 pharmacies nationally. To find out if your pharmacy participates, use the Find a Pharmacy tool.

Q: Do I need an email address to receive this discount card? A: Enrolling with an email address is required. However, if you don’t have an email address, ArrayRx can help. Just call: 800-913-4146. 

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