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Trash & Recycling Schedule

Trash is picked up weekly - Recycling is picked up every other week (Listed as Week A & B)

For replacement containers contact the First Selectman's office - 860-283-4421

Baum Dr
Blakeman Rd
Altair Ave
Ada Dr
Bridge St
Hickory Hill Rd
Cable Ln
Bristol St
Atwood Heights
Center St
Karen Dr
Elizabeth Ave
Broadview Heights
Atwood Rd
Clay St
Lattin Hill Rd Ext
Fenn Rd
Chapel St
D. Welton Way
Gilbert St
Moosehorn Rd
Gavin Pl
East Main St
Edwin Ln
Grand St
Old Morris Rd
Hill Rd
Electric Ave
High St Ext
Grove Heights
Peg's Way
Leigh Ave
Elm St
Julia Ln
Grove St
Ridgewood Acres
McMahon Dr
Etheridge Ct
Mason Hill Rd
Hillside Annex
Turner Rd
North Main St
Goodwin Ct
Michelle Ln N
Hillside Ave
Valley View Rd
South Main St
Maple St
Michelle Ln S
Litchfield St
Valley View Rd N
Steven Blvd
Oak St
Northfield Rd
Marine St
 Woodbridge Rd
Strawberry Park
Park St
Thompson Terrace
Meadow St
  Treadwell Ave
Pleasant St
Penfield Rd
W. Hillside Ave
  Watertown Rd
Prospect St
    Railroad St
    Railroad St Annex
    River St
    Sanderson Ln
    Stoughton St
    Union St
Babbitt Rd
Blue Trail Dr
Bradstreet Ave
Ellen Ln
Edgewood Ave
Bayberry Dr
Carter Rd
Dudley St
Hilltop Ave
Future Rd
Branch Rd
Cedar Mountain Rd
George St
Howard Ln
Gasceon Rd
French Circle
Jackson St
High St
Humiston Circle
Hickory Hill Dr
Gill Rd
Laurel Dr
Hotchkiss Ave
Martha's Way
Innes Ave
Grabherr Rd
Main St
Homestead Park
Old Smith Rd
Kennedy Dr
Lynnrich Dr
Maple Ave
Judson St
Senior Ave
Old Northfield Rd
Lynnrich Dr W
Meadowbrook Ln
Randolph Ave
Smith Rd
Perritt Dr
Old Branch Rd
Old Waterbury Rd
Sanford Ave
Twin Pond Rd
Pleasant View Rd
Trestle Ln
Patricia Ln
Terrace Rd
  View Dr
Twin Oaks Dr
Pine Hill Rd
Tracy St
  Walnut Hill Rd

Reynolds Bridge Rd
Walnut St
  Lattin Hill Rd
  Stumpf Ave
Williams St
  Warner Ln
Woodruff Ave
  Waterbury Rd
  West Hill Rd