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Dog Licenses and Animal Control

Animal Population Control Program

The Animal Population Control Program (APCP) was created by law in 1992 and implemented on May 22, 1995, to provide sterilization and vaccination benefits for any unsterilized dog or cat adopted from a municipal impound facility in Connecticut. Program goals are to reduce pet overpopulation, reduce the spread of rabies and other diseases through immunizations and subsequently increase the effectiveness of local Animal Control Departments through education and law enforcement.

To utilize this program, a Connecticut resident must pay a $50.00 fee ($45.00 goes to APCP, $5.00 to municipality) at the time of adoption, which entitles the adopter to a vaccination/sterilization voucher good for sixty days. The voucher provides a one-time sterilization fee of $50.00 for a male cat, $70.00 for a female cat, $100.00 for a male dog, and $120.00 for a female dog plus two pre-surgical vaccinations coincident with sterilization. Nonresidents may adopt a pound pet for the $5.00 municipal fee, but are not eligible for program benefits. Pets too young or sick are granted a medical extension by the veterinarian; however, all young animals must be sterilized by six months of age.

Funding for the program comes from an annual surcharge on Connecticut dog licenses ($2.00 sterilized/$6.00 unsterilized), the $45.00 adoption fee, proceeds from the sale of "Caring for Pets" commemorative license plates and donations. The Department of Agriculture has created a generic application for a dog license, which can be downloaded by clicking on the link that follows. Please pay special attention to the correct license fee for your dog's gender and if a late fee is applicable. This application must be mailed to your Town Clerk.

Dog Licensing Information


All resident dog owners are required to license their dog(s).
All dogs six months or over must be licensed and wear collar and tag at all times.
A dog without a tag is presumed to be unlicensed and is not protected by law.
A tag must not be used on any dog other than the dog described in the license bearing corresponding number.
You are liable for damage done by your dog, including damage to shrubs, flowers or trees.
Owners of roaming dogs are liable to prosecution.
When a spayed or neutered dog is licensed for the first time, a certificate from a licensed veterinarian must be presented.
All dogs must be vaccinated against Rabies and owners submit a certificate to the Town Clerk when licensing their dog.
Licenses expire every June 30th.
Application for Dog License

Licensing Fees

Neutered male, spayed female $8.00 ($2 is sent to State Animal Population Control Fund)
Male, Female $19.00 ($6.00 is sent to State Animal Population Control Fund)
Late Penalty $1.00 per month or fraction thereof
Transfer of Ownership $1.00 for new license/tag if already licensed
Lost Tag $.50
Change of Residence $.50 for new license or tag
Kennel License $50.00 plus $.10 per tag for 10 tags
$100.00 plus $.10 per tag for more than 10 tags
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