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Town Departments  ›  Public Works  ›  Highway  ›  ALTAIR AVE. CULVERT PROJECT


The Altair Ave. culvert project has started. Below are a few pictures of the progress. The project is on schedule.


This photo is taken from on top of the Coffer Dam looking at temporary drain pipe.

This photo shows the removal of the existing wingwall and part of the Coffer Dam.

 This photo shows the hammer removing ledge for the culvert wing wall

 This photo shows the team of excavators continuing to remove the ledge. The yellow excavator is perched on the Coffer Dam.

This photo shows the carpenters forming the footing for the inlet side wingwall

This photo shows the cement bucket as the workers pour the downstream culvert footing.

This photo shows the cement being loaded into the bucket by the mixer.

There will not be any work performed until Tuesday September 2 due to the holiday. The Connecticut Water Company needs to move a 12" water line before the culvert can be installed. This will not put the project behind, the work was calculated into the project time frame.

 This photo shows CT Water installing an "Inserta-Valve" in the 12" water main. This will be used to shut the water off when the main is relocated.

Close-up of the "Insert-Valve" installation.

This photo shows the first sections of the box culvert being delivered.

This photo shows the "Flared End" of the box culvert beam unloaded. This section weighs 19,000 lbs.!

Here is the "Flared End" being lowered into place.

This photo shows the P&G Pepper boys tag teaming the downstream bridge abutment.

This shot shows the size of the box culvert, the workers are sealing the lift holes and installing rock bags on the "weep holes"

This is the view from the Coffer Dam. To get everything in perspective, the box culvert opening is 6' X 5'.

The project is now approx. 1 week ahead of schedule and on budget. The box culvert installation should be completed by Friday Sept. 19th. Then more drainage will be installed on Altair Ave. Check back every other day for more updates.

This shot was taken on Monday Sept. 15th. The culvert has been completely installed and backfilled. The next step is pouring the upstream "wingwall". Then removing the Coffer Dan. After this the old bridge/pipe can be removed and all of the new drainage can be installed, the roadway ground up and repaved. The project is AHEAD of schedule.

 This photo shows the "wingwall" being formed. Notice the natural stone on the floor of the new culvert. This was installed to make the culvert floor look like a natural stream bed.

Here is a shot of P & G Pepper pouring the concrete for the up stream "wingwall"

Water should be flowing through the culvert by Friday 26th. This will make the entire project about 1 week ahead of schedule. The drainage improvements have already started.

This photo was taken on Wednesday 24th. Notice the stream is now flowing through the new culvert.

Here's a photo of what was left of the support beams, notice the rust and the thickness. It is supposed to be 3/4" it is less that 1/4'

 Here's a photo of the "Binder Course" installed on Friday Oct.17th. All that is left is to install the guiderails, curbing, and "Wearing Course".

The Project is almost completed. The only thing left to do is install the Guiderail which is scheduled to be done by the end of the week Nov. 10th, 2008

**********IT'S OPEN**********

Below is a photo of the final product. Thanks for your time and patience. The project was scheduled for 150 days, it took 118 days.



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